Gems for the Soul

Hover your cursor over the interactive gems to uncover your amazing chakra system.
Learn more about how these powerful energy channels have the ability to heal your body and manifest your dreams.
When all 7 chakras are in balance, you are living your best life!

The key to optimal health and vitality is in our chakra system. Our chakras influence all aspects of our lives; career, relationships, prosperity, security, empowerment, creativity, expression, sexuality, health, intuition, and spirituality. Take a few minutes each day to strengthen your chakra system. Scroll on over to our fun interactive Chakra Chart to see how you can improve your energy to get your life moving in the direction you desire most.

Crown (7th) Chakra: located at the top of the head. Violet: wisdom, spirituality, clarity, consciousness, enlightenment Universal Identity: Oriented to Self-knowledge. To Know. Do: Envision the light coming down through the crown chakra. Spark your intuitive guidance by praying to open the door to greater levels of connection to the divine spirit and your soul. Affirmation: I am guided by my higher power. I am guided by my inner wisdom, easily, effortlessly, and graciously.  I am open to new ideas. Tone: B Third Eye (6th) Chakra: located in the center of the forehead. Indigo: vision, intuition, imagination, truth. Archetypal Identity: Oriented to Self-reflection. To see. Do: Meditate, connect & listen to your inner guru.  Write & post a positive affirmation on your mirror, read aloud daily and focus on bringing this to fruition in your life. Start a dream journal. Affirmation: I see with love and joy.  My mind and body are in perfect balance. I manifest and trust my vision, easily, effortlessly, and graciously. Tone: A Throat (5th) Chakra: located in the throat. Blue: clear communication, tranquility, peace, harmony, and truth. Creative Identity; Oriented to Self-Expression. To speak and to hear truth. Do: Express your truth. Write in a journal. Start a dream journal. Turn on music and sing. Be authentic. Affirmation: I declare peace and harmony within me and around me.  I hear and speak the truth.  I express myself freely and joyously.  I speak up for myself with ease.  I express my creativity.  I am willing to change. Tone: G Heart (4th) Chakra: located in the center of the chest. Green: compassion, love, forgiveness, grace, peace, healing and growth. Social Identity: Oriented to Self- acceptance. To love and to be loved. Do: Practice unconditional love, compassion, self-love, giving and receiving love, especially with a pet.  Do something unexpected, even outrageous for another person. Do breathing exercises. Affirmation: My heart beats to the rhythm of love. I am loving to myself and others. There is an infinite supply of love. Tone: F Solar Plexis (3rd) Chakra: located above the navel. Yellow: energy, confidence, self-esteem, joy, power and will. Ego Identity: Oriented to Self definition. To act and to be free. Do: Charge your energy by spending time in the sun. Movement recharges your body. Affirmation: I accomplish goals easily and effortlessly.  I take in life in perfect balance.  I lovingly live life to the fullest.  My life is sweet. I digest life with ease. My power comes from within. Tone: E Sacral (2nd) Chakra: located in the lower abdomen, womb. Orange: creativity, sexual vitality, fertility, intimacy, and pleasure. Emotional Identity: Oriented to Self-gratification. To feel and to want. Do: Walk in the moonlight, take a bubble bath, play in the ocean. Affirmation: I move easily and effortlessly.  I lovingly and joyously accept my sexuality and it’s expression.  I comfortably and easily release the old and welcome in the new in my life. I am safe.  I love and approve of myself. Tone: D Root (1st) Chakra: located at the base of the spine. Red: Stability, security, strength, prosperity, trust and grounding. Physical Identity: Oriented to Self-preservation. To be and to have. Do: Reconnect to the earth and dig your feet into the dirt. Walk in nature, hug a tree, take your shoes off and walk on the beach! Affirmation: I love my body and trust its wisdom, I am always safe and secure. I am filled with the unlimited abundance of the universe and manifest all that I desire. Tone: C