I’m Kara Delle Donne, an Intuitive Life Coach and Founder of Soul Series. My unique approach empowers you to use your greatest resource to creating and living your dreams, your inner guru! Through practiced and thoughtful sessions, we engage your inner guru, your inner wisdom known as the voice of your soul, to guide you to fulfilling your hearts desires, leaving fear behind, and lifting away obstacles in your path.



I combine techniques learned, practiced, and honed in over my many different incarnations.  My passion is to teach you to activate joy in your life everyday!  My own incredible personal and professional journey brought me to counsel fortune 500 companies, travel the globe on assignments for the fashion industry, manage leading photography and film studios in New York City and Los Angeles, whilst concurrently pursuing my training with a medicine woman, a feng shui master, and renown energetic healers. Ultimately, this life path led me to listen to my own inner guru which gave me the courage to make the astonishing leap to living my own dreams. Having made the transition and knowing it’s miraculous journey, inspired me to want to bring my experience and wisdom to others looking for an accelerated life change with the skills of an intuitive guide, coach and mentor. It has been and honor and privilege to have worked closely with the United Nations S.R.C. Enlightenment Society.  I’ve also helped organize and produce the Peace Vigil for the 21st Century held in New York’s Central Park, with Yoko Ono and Sean Lennon in attendance.



My coaching sessions are designed to reconnect to your soul’s infinite wisdom. I utilize my intuitive abilities in tandem with practiced life coaching techniques to gently assist you to achieving your desires and goals. My skilled sessions enable you to locate and enhance your own unique core talents and abilities, by accessing your inner guru, to gain empowerment and put you on a path to a more abundant, prosperous, joyous life. Soul Series can make a difference for you. Each and every time you connect and employ these tools, you are living in the beauty of your true life essence!

Click below for your free spirited exercise and mini mediation designed to activate joy and connect you to your inner guru. My mini daily manifestation series teaches you how to awaken you inner joy and guides you to inner peace and clarity.

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