We all have the light and wisdom within ourselves to make remarkable positive change in our own lives and in the lives of others.   We have the power to shape and form our lives in the direction we desire already built in.  All we need to do is make the connection, listen to our inner voice, our inner guru.  Our inner guru gives us the motivation and courage to lift out of our daily ruts and routines.  Breaking through blockages and obstacles and clearing the way for a more pleasurable joyful life.  

When you access this wisdom you uncover your own unique core talents and abilities and learn how to best utilize them in accomplishing your goals.  Discover how to get them working in greater balance for your ultimate success.  

Listen to the voice of the divine awakening your soul.  

WHAT IS MY INNER GURU and why do I want it awakened?

If you haven’t met your inner guru, let me introduce you! It’s your inner source of wisdom, power, guidance and strength. Your inner compass guiding you to make the best decisions and take the most positive action for your Self.  Leading you to a more fulfilling and balanced life.  Getting to know your inner guru is the key to your higher-self knowledge; full of love, abundance, creativity and so much more.  

Come on in, your inner peace is waiting!

Journey to the center of your soul and let your inner guru be your guide.

Do you want to melt away stress, making room for more joy?  Are you stuck in a loop of repeating patterns and desire support for ways to open up a more positive pathway?  Do you want to feel more self trust and trust of others?  Do you want to experience more self love?   

These are just a few areas of your life that you can begin to experience positive change by awakening your inner guru.  By simply being willing to be present to the Divine energy touching your soul each and everyday.  All you have to do is give yourself permission to activate all the wisdom and power just beneath the surface.  

So go ahead, sit back, relax and enjoy the journey to the center of your soul. Discover, Play, and Uncover Gems that help guide you on your path. Think of us as your own personal spiritual guide taking you around and exploring the sites, showing you the way to everyday joy and alchemy.


Click below for your free spirited exercise and mini mediation designed to activate joy and connect you to your inner guru. My mini daily manifestation series teaches you how to awaken you inner joy and guides you to inner peace and clarity.

What are the steps to get me there?



Tap into your richest resource, your intuition.  Trust your gut without worry or anxiety of taking the wrong step.  Trust that your inner voice takes care of you when you need it most.  Trust is the springboard that enables you to take the leap of faith and call upon your inner guru to be your greatest resource, empowering you to live your dreams.  Set your intentions with clarity and integrity, as your inner guru gets your energy flowing, igniting movement forward. It can truly be as simple as turning on a light.

Listen to what your Soul is awakening you to be.  We work together to garner this newfound energy, enthusiasm and motivation to move you closer to your life’s purpose. As you connect closer to your divine wisdom, we uncover the gems that make you sparkle and shine. Love and happiness are waiting for you!  To find your true life purpose, risk exploring what really turns you on and makes you happy. You’re worth it!



Charge your energy and empower joy as you create. Build the network around you that supports the true essence of who you really are by recognizing and acknowledging your own unique core talent and abilities. This is what I call your Soul Imprint.  By being more in tune, by journeying to the center of your soul, you allow the flow of unlimited abundance & prosperity to move towards freedom, self confidence, and inner peace.  Discovering this wisdom allows the guidance for positive thoughts and feelings to expand while dissolving away the lower negative energies standing in your way.  You are filled with this light wisdom, you are fulfilled.  Creating the breath and space to create.   Whether you have untapped expertise waiting to be uncovered and utilized to your highest potential or whether you simply want to finesse your flair in what you are doing now.   Let your soul be in charge to lay the groundwork; giving yourself a call to action and carrying it through!



What are your main goals in life? Take a minute and ask yourself, as well as 3 of your friends. You’ll find that happiness, great health and loving relationships usually top the list. The good news is that we’re in charge of our own happiness. We have the title, the deed, the ownership and ultimately the responsibility to take care of and maintain it. Your happiness meter is a good gage for devising all of your wishes and desires. Once you make happiness your main goal, all the other pieces in life, health, relationships, career, and finances come into balance easily and effortlessly. Even more good news, you don’t have to give anything up; only the obstacles that are in your way from achieving your heart’s desire. Unearth self-nuture and give yourself a positive, energetic shift from the inside out, giving yourself a soul lift!



Develop and apply techniques that shift your personal and professional life in the direction you desire most. Engage in fun exercises that melt away stress, making room for more joy. Learn how to clear away obstacles in your path that are limiting your potential. Reach into the toolkit that you create for yourself, specifically designed to boost your energy and sustain your new level of creativity, abundance, prosperity, and love. Create the life you love to live on all levels, Physically, Emotionally, Mentally and Spiritually.

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